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Providing more safety solutions as a
pioneer in ABS resin products

ABS resin helmets combine functionality and comfort, and were first brought to market in Japan by Kaga Sangyo. Kaga helmets are also available in custom specifications to meet unique customer requirements. We have a proven track record even in helmets for firefighting, an application field that requires many different configurations.

Kaga helmets — lightweight and easy-to-wear

  • ●Industrial helmets

    "Lightweight and comfortable" — dependable helmets that have obtained national certification.

  • ●Firefighting helmets

    Helmets designed in consultation with firefighters.

  • ●Disaster protection helmets

    To protect from broken glass and burns during disasters. Compact, collapsible helmets are also available.

Dependable disaster prevention goods

Kaga Sangyo also provides disaster prevention products to keep in the home and workplace for use in disasters.
We continue to research, plan, and develop ideas for the protection of families and employees.

Disaster preparation Emergency aid
when transportation systems are down
Disaster drills

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