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Technical Fields

Special processing

Chemical coating processing/anodizing/passivation/cadmium coating/chromium coating/nickel coating/solid film processing/galvanization/other surface processing/steel or aluminum alloy etc heat processing/ melt welding/spot welding/painting


Cutting processing (resin/metal/difficult-to-cut materials)/grinding processing/electrical discharge machining/water-jet machining

Sheet metal processing

Press working/drawing/necking


Injection molding/compression molding/vacuum forming/rotational molding


Etching/synthetic rubber die-cutting/bonding/riveting/helical insert processing

Research & Development

Paving the way to a new future
by rising to meet
new challenges

We are pushing forward with research and development to cement our position as future leaders in the aerospace industry. Together with Kaga Works, established as a supplier for the Kaga Sanyo Group, we are active in a range of advanced R&D projects at the cutting edge of aerospace technology. New ideas often come from customer requests, and we work to provide exciting new technologies and solutions to resolve emerging needs. Assembly and production of aircraft is dependent on a diverse host of patents, many of which represent technology development by Kaga Sangyo and Kaga Works. One example is the highly viscous material we development for gap-filling, along with the special injectors needed for application.

List of patents acquired

Custom product manufacturing processes
for cutting-edge, next-generation passenger aircraft

We manufacture to order products required for the latest aerospace equipment, including Cap Seals that protect protruding parts, shims that are used as spacers between frames and outer skins, and defoaming filling with high-viscosity seals that fill in gaps between parts — all of these are used in advanced, next-generation passenger aircraft.

Main products

These products are manufactured using our patented technologies.

Cap Seals

Cap Seals that protect
protrusions, made using our own
vacuum defoaming forming technologies


Made-to-order shims that fit
specified gaps perfectly


High-viscosity sealant material,
using defoaming filling technologies

About Kaga Works

Kaga Works is a supplier and key member of the Kaga Sangyo Group, involved in every phase from R&D to volume production. Their solutions and products are being utilized in advanced, next-generation passenger aircraft.