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Striving for 100% quality!
A continuously evolving quality assurance system

While we work in collaboration with suppliers, an important reason we can create the technically complex equipment required for aerospace applications is our own quality verification system, developed mainly by the quality assurance department. Our exacting management system provides fine control of all processes, and know-how possible only through long years of experience. Actively utilizing streamlining of inspection processing (value engineering) while ensuring accuracy lets us provide customers with results that exceed their expectations.

Business details

Quality Management System (QMS) for general management, responses to customer inspections, and supplier management (new evaluation, selection, regular evaluations), and product inspection, etc.

All-round system utilizing
our long-established know-how

To accurately achieve the complex shapes required for aerospace equipment, we have expanded our parts production know-how, developed over many years of work in the field, into a unique quality management system. Standardized workflows cover all processes from consulting drawings prior to ordering right through to process design and product inspection, all under our comprehensive and vigilant quality assurance system. We also offer support for supplier inspection system construction and functional inspections.

Acquisition of
JIS Q 9100 (aerospace quality management system) certification

Kaga Sangyo has acquired JIS Q 9100 certification and implements strict quality management. The product inspection system is continuously updated, and in addition to verifying product quality, also supports control of outsources processes. In-house, the very latest measurement systems are used to ensure accuracy and precision.

Scope of Certification
Headquarter(Include Create Center Bldg and KD Bldg.)

Gifu Branch
Inspection Group in the MHI Oye Nishi Plant

  • Design and development, Production, Assembly of Precision Plastic and Metal Parts for Aircraft, Aerospace, Missile and Ground Support Equipment.
  • Production and Assembly of Precision Plastic and Metal Parts of Marine

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